Friday, May 13th

The weekend got off to a great start when Jaime and Leah took us out to Bonefish:

Mariann and LeahJaime and MariannJaime and LeahMariann and Dan

Saturday, May 14th

This day started with a good breakfast at Atlanta Bread Company.  No pictures of there.  Then we went to the Mary Brogan Museum and saw some wonderful Baroque art as well as this:

Mariann attacked by a giant bug at the Mary Brogan Museum!

After that harrowing ordeal, we stopped for smoothies at What!? Cafe.  They were delicious:

Smoothies at What!? Cafe

Next stop – Cypress Restaurant for an amazing meal with an even more amazing dessert and Mariann’s first Port wine:

Mariann and Dan - still not engagedThe Seasonal SaladStrawberry SaladSnappity Snapper
The tenderloinThe best Strawberry Ice cream ever madeThe peach pie and mango sorbet specialAny port in a storm

And finally for the night, the rock ballet at Ruby Diamond.  It started a bit slowly but by the end, everyone was having a head-banging good time!

Rock the Diamond - a preview of what was to come

The Big Day – Sunday May 15th!

We started off with a wonderful breakfast at Cabo’s, although we were both still full from Saturday’s dinner.

Breakfast at Cabo's

We proceeded to our usual beach, Bald Point State Park.  It was a beautiful day!

The beach

We proceeded to open a bottle of champagne, which was delicious and possibly a hint of what was to come:

The wine was probably a hint

Dan asked, Mariann said yes and life is good!

Hurray!Yippee!The Ring

But the weekend wasn’t done yet!  A quick toast at our favorite seaside restaurant:

The happy coupleThe view from Angelo'sThe lovely and beaming Miss MariannUnderneath Angelo's

Finally, a surprise engagement party at Ray’s, where we had our first date! There were about 25 people there and the food and drink were excellent.  Thanks everybody!


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